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Bernard intelligent electric actuator is the result of the combination of our company’s production, study and research, adopting national and domestic technology. It absorbs Bernard Company’s 25 years experience of producing electric actuator. It is a new generation intelligent electric actuator on the basis of original products of Bernard actuator. It has formed the completely intelligent locator by adopting the most advanced international single-chip microcomputer technology. Intelligent locator is composed of master control module (central microprocessor), power control module, and the live man-machine dialogue display unit, infrared receiver unit. The actuator adopts noninvasive structure design. The various actuator parameters can be set and operate by infrared remote control without touching and opening the cover.
Intelligent electric actuator collects the practical function and technology parameter of all kinds of electric actuator in performance. Users can freely set and choose according to different system needs. In the setting process there are perfect man-machine interaction, live display of various technology and condition, and powerful configuration function. Without increasing or reducing any software and hardware, it can configure different control mode and action mode such as modulating control mode, on-off control mode. It is easy and convenient to repair, send and read back the data. It is fully functional and the parameter setting and functional configuration is so easy to operate that ordinary instrument staff are qualified. It is the most advanced actuator product at home and abroad. It will satisfy your need for high performance electric actuator with the lowest price and the most reliable quality.


Main features
Transmission gears
The gear drive system is composed of 2 reduction stages:
The first stage, driven directly by a pinion on the motor drive shaft, is a planetary system.
The second stage, driven by the satellite wheels of the planetary gear consists of a worm and wheel gear type.
Since the planetary system permits a high speed reduction with an excellent efficiency, the subsequent gear is driven at a relatively low speed which ensures a better overall efficiency than normal standard gear designs.
Position indicator
A visual position indicator allows a clear indication of the current valve position. In fact, this indicator is mechanically linked to the valve shaft.
Travel limit switches
Thanks to the electric actuator camblock system, the adjustment of travel limit switches is simply accomplished with a standard screwdriver. No special tool is required.
Each single cam can be set independently from the others.
The cams are automatically locked in their respective positions, once adjusted, and unaffected by vibrations.
Torque sensors
On the AS & BS models, the output torque for valve operation is permanently measured by the lever deflection of the planetary gear external crown. This crown gear is maintained in position by two
calibrated linear springs which can be set independently for each rotational direction to a desired torque value.
In the event the torque setting is reached, the crown lever compresses the spring to a point where a switch is tripped.
As this unique system is mechanically friction-free, exceptional precision and repeatability are obtained, which is highly appreciated when the device has to lose on torque.
Asynchronous motors
The asynchronous motor technology offers the highest ratio of starting torque versus nominal torque. Thus, the actuator maximum torque capacity is available from the beginning of travel to unseat the valve.
Detachable drive bush
The output drive socket can be easily removed from the actuator, without the use of any special tool, for adaptation to the valve shaft.
Motor thermal protection
A built-in motor thermal switch protects the motor from overheating.
The gear design ensures lifetime lubrication by grease, thus reducing periodic maintenance
requirements considerably.


Quarter-turn SD Series Specification Sheet              

Three-phase Power 380, 50Hz



Quarter-turn SD Series Specification Sheet              

Single-phase Power 220V, 50Hz




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