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IT Intelligent Electric Actuator


IT Intelligent Electric Actuator
IT is the achievement which FREYA is always committed to developing new products through adopting the leading- edge technology.
New TJFREYA IT electric actuator keeps the design for the simple IQ debugging and fault removal, and meanwhile newly increases the direct drive part-turn actuator products, adopts various controllers With the highest standard, possesses the function of visting the real time diagnostic inion, and is compatible With various bus system.
IT actuator is the part-turn electric actuator product, which can be used for controlling and regulating valves. The on-off product is appropriate for the application With 60 times of startup per hour. The regulated product is appropriate for the application With 1,200 times of startup per hour. Moreover, the control is more accurate and the positioning is more precise, due to increasing the intelligent control unit. The output range of the torque is 50 Nm (37 ibf ft) - 2,000 Nm (1,476 lbf ft).


IT Features 
● Direct drive part-turn
● Three phase, single phase and direct current power supply actuator
● Multi-language text display screen displaying the state and setting
● As the built-in data recorder of the standard function
● Compatible With IrDATM standard. Make the local and remote analysis on the actuator through insight PC software.
● Concise, easy to control, and indication
● Simple torque and position control, enhancing the reliability
● Flexibility of comprehensive control and indication
IQ and IT series are the compatible actuators, specially designed and manufactured for realizing the local and remote electric operation of the valve. It includes a motor, reduction gear, reversal starter with the local control and indication, and the revolution and torque limit with the electronic logic control and monitoring unit. All these units are placed in the dual seal water proof box. Meanwhile, there is the enclosure With the danger area conforming to the international and national requirements for the selection.
The configuration of all torque and revolution setting and indication contacts is achieved through a non-invasive handheld infrared remote controller setting tool. Each product contains this setting tool. 
While Standard Specification inquiring into the products, it is necessary to point out the requirements of the enclosure and optional parts.
The customer can refer to the guide for the actuator selection to identify the actuator type applying to the specific valve and process application, and check the actuator type in accordance with other specification requirements. Moreover, the inquiry data table sample provides the basic inion outline when the customer demands the product price inion. If the customer can provide the project, framework or working specification inion for us while inquiring into the products, TJFREYA will make the detailed analysis with pleasure. In that case, the customer only needs providing the detailed valve materials. The reference sample will list the paragraph number of the applicable actuator product specification details for your reference.


Performance Data of IT Three Phase On-off Actuator


Performance Data of IT Single Phase On-off Actuator



Performance Data of IT Three Phase Regulated Actuator



Performance Data of IT Single Phase Regulated Actuator




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