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Bernard intelligent electric actuator is the result of the combination of our company’s production, study and research, adopting national and domestic technology. It absorbs Bernard Company’s 25 years experience of producing electric actuator. It is a new generation intelligent electric actuator on the basis of original products of Bernard actuator. It has formed the completely intelligent locator by adopting the most advanced international single-chip microcomputer technology. Intelligent locator is composed of master control module (central microprocessor), power control module, and the live man-machine dialogue display unit, infrared receiver unit. The actuator adopts noninvasive structure design. The various actuator parameters can be set and operate by infrared remote control without touching and opening the cover.
Intelligent electric actuator collects the practical function and technology parameter of all kinds of electric actuator in performance. Users can freely set and choose according to different system needs. In the setting process there are perfect man-machine interaction, live display of various technology and condition, and powerful configuration function. Without increasing or reducing any software and hardware, it can configure different control mode and action mode such as modulating control mode, on-off control mode. It is easy and convenient to repair, send and read back the data. It is fully functional and the parameter setting and functional configuration is so easy to operate that ordinary instrument staff are qualified. It is the most advanced actuator product at home and abroad. It will satisfy your need for high performance electric actuator with the lowest price and the most reliable quality.


Menu All in Chinese
It has a dot-matrix liquid crystal display with high resolution. The opening size of the valve is displayed timely in large numbers and operation menu all in Chinese. It can display alarm inion and working state timely in Chinese according to working condition. The high light LED luminotron will indicate the open or close limited position of the valve.
Adjustment without opening the cover
Working parameter setting and system condition check can all completed through operation button or infrared setting indicator. As it is unnecessary to open the electrical cover, the dust, moisture and other harmful materials in the air cannot enter the interior of the actuator, enhancing the reliability of the electrical control part greatly.
Dead band adaption automatically
Under the ‘remote automation control’ mode, system will measure location precision automatically and define optimum dead band figure based on the operating condition, to ensure the actuator function with high location precision and no vibration.
Convenient and quick wire connection
The wire connection of the actuator adopts fast connection mode. The outside wire connects to the plug so pulling out the plug will disassemble the actuator. The plug is waterproof so that error occurred by reconnecting wires in the process of maintenance is avoided.
Absolute code position sensor
The intelligent linear electric actuator of our company can choose and distribute absolute code position sensor. The sensor adopts contactless measurement. It has superb measurement precision and extra-long working life.
No inion lost in condition indication when power out
The configurable bistable relay output contacts can indicate various conditions of the valve, including switch limit, over torque, operation indication and position of the valve, etc. it will remain in output state even when power out.
Multiple control methods
1. Control on site
Choose the ‘control on site’ mode by ‘on site’ button. You can use open button, close button or infrared setting indicator to control the valve to open, close or stop.
2. Distant switching volume control (also called distant manual control)
  Switching volume control has three input ends: open valve, close valve and stop/remain. On-off control can realize ‘remain’ or ‘inching’ mode control through outside wires connections.
3. Distant current control(also called distant automatic control)
User can control the function of the actuator through DC4~20mA current in order to locate the valve precisely.
4. Two lines control
The actuator has the function of two lines control. It can realize the special control situation “open when there is signal, close when there is no signal”.
◆ Thorough protection function
1. Motor overload protection
When motor stalls in actuator operation process, control system will stop motor rotating imtely. This function not only protects the valve, but also protects the actuator itself.
2. Valve position limit protection
When the actuator moves to the open position or close position, it will stop moving automatically.
3. Instant reverse protection
When the actuator receives an order to move to the opposite direction, it will add a time delay automatically to avoid unnecessary wear of the valve shaft and gearbox. 
4. Motor overheating protection
There is a thermorelay in the end of the motor winding to check directly the temperature of motor winding. The control circuit will forbid actuator operation when thermorelay finds motor winding over heating.
5. Electric isolation protection
The input and output channels of the actuator all adopt Electric isolation protection, which ensures the reliable work of the actuator without interference.
Electric braking function
   The actuator has electric braking function which largely improves the location precision of the valve.
Efficient low noise
It has an accurate retarding mechanism with small interval, high efficiency, low noise (50 db at most), long operating life.


Quarter-turn ST+RS Series Specification Sheet               

Three-phase Power 380v, 50Hz



Quarter-turn ST+RS Series Specification Sheet               

Three-phase Power 220v, 50Hz






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